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About Handy Express
A young and highly competitive company with over 30 years' professional expertise on board, HANDY EXPRESS supplies and prints Australia's largest range of quality envelopes. A proud South Australian company with the capacity to produce 1.4 million printed envelopes daily, we guarantee delivery on time, on budget, to satisfied clients across the continent.
Our Envelopes
Highly competitive and passionate about getting your message delivered and read. Our envelopes look better, feel better and perform better than the cheap stuff. Stocked with Australia’s largest range, our highly skilled team will carefully craft your personalised envelope. We guarantee delivery on time, on budget, to satisfied clients anywhere.
Our Suppliers
Because we don't make envelopes - we print them - we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, supplier or brand. HANDY EXPRESS offers unbiased advice based on experience, sources the right style of envelope from anywhere in Australia and customises them with print technology designed to meet the specific needs of any business or project.

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We're a proud family company with the capacity
to produce over 1.4 million printed envelopes daily!

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18 Howards Road
Beverley, South Australia 5009

Phone: (08) 8244 8122
Fax: (08) 8244 8133