Business Starter Box

SIZE & QUANTITY: 200 x DL PLAIN FACE @ 110mm x 220mm; 200 x DL WINDOW FACE; 100 x WHITE POCKET C4 ENVELOPES - heavy weight @ 229mm x 324mm. (Size Guide)

When time is money and you are looking at updating or replenishing your current business or personal stationery, them this package will save you both. Our Convenience Box package has the best of everything all in one “HANDY” box.

Containing 200 DL Plain Face, 200 DL Window Face and 100 C4 White Pockets, this box has all your envelope needs wrapped up. Available for delivery as unprinted stock or printed in Black or 4 Colour Process, this is the cure all for anything envelopes.

Not what you want? Don’t despair, we also have them in various sealing methods, papers types, styles and colours upon request. Get in touch here

Convenience Envelope Multi-Box